Stweetcrew // Anthropométrie

Quebec is more than just Montreal, coming in from Saguenay Lac St-Jean, Quebec

3 May 2020

Directed and Edited By Evans Murray - Filmed By Stweetcrew

''Anthropométrie is the 3rd long project we have completed over the years. Filming street is always our goal, it pushes our creativity, creates insane memories and overall it's just pure joy and fun man! That's pretty much all there is to it. We had no real problems with securities, only a couple times where some dude would kick us out or call the cops. Anyway the cops in our town are pretty chill. They know we are not stupid so they let us do our thing!

The video was filmed over the summer of 2019 and with the Pandemic we had a lot of time to edit it the way we wanted. Hope this gets you pumped for this summer! Have fun out there boys!"
-The Stweetcrew'