La Cribs - Butter My G - Mixtape

Spots on spots with the La Cribs crew in Montreal Canada and Area

11 Mar 2020

Video by La Cribs/Arnaud P.Paquin

Back for another round of Mixtape from La Cribs a shop in Montreal, Arnaud wrangles a crew together and claims some sick clips for himself! Railrides galore, not to be outshone he's joined by Pascal Lafontaine, Justin Hughes, Dillon Lloyd, Jordan Godwin and more with the Horseman Marc-André Bellemare pulling the closer with some beasty rails and spots. Check out 30 mins, smooth as butta.

"This year I was more then motivated to ride all the local spots in Montréal. So many unknowns and forgotten spots in Montréal that I'm stoked to shine some light on. I work almost everyday at La Cribs bike shop in the summertime, so I try to ride as much as I can in the early and late season! I'm glad to be a part of such a tight community that we have here and I'm really proud to represent it in this video!" - Arnaud P.Paquin

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