The Bastard Of The Abyss - Jordan Aleppo

BMX can be something different for everyone

4 Jan 2018

Video by Jordan Aleppo and the Homies

Jordan really opens up in this video to his very rough upbringing in South London to his drive to overcome his circumstances and take control of his life. Here's to Jordan for pushing through and the places BMX has taken him. At around the half way point is the full video from his 8 month trip around the world.

"As some of you may know that I’ve recently took a trip around the world, although one of the reasons why I went on this trip was to finally make time to ride my bike. The main reason was to get away from my reality.

After spending 8 months travelling around the world on my own where people can barely speak the same language, really open my eyes and allowed me to see things from a different perspective.

I’ve spent my whole childhood listening to counsellors telling me where I’m going to end up. However something as little as riding a BMX bike gave me the opportunity to change the path that was paved for me.

The things I mentioned in this video may be only be a sliver of my childhood,
I’ve always hidden my past, my name, my upbringing, the things I’ve done and the things I’ve seen.
But now, I more than welcome the name that was once given to me.
The Bastard Of The Abyss."

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