Vans - The Palmistry Guide: Chapter 2 Iceland

Lost in Iceland with Vans

28 Nov 2016

Filmed by Arnaud Wolff & Alex Valentino

The eagerly awaited Chapter 2 of The Palmistry Guide, an awesome series exploring the idea of just getting lost. The crew consisting of Matthias Dandois, Justin Fouque, Theo Zannettacci and Alex Valentino head to Iceland, one of the worlds truly breathtaking places with a small BMX scene a history of only a handful of visiting teams. Time to stop reading this and press play.

"This project has not only been an experience as a rider but also as a traveller; the Palmistry Guide is accepting to be lost. Lost in an unknown land, lost in a culture, lost in every way possible and to put your trust in a local as a guide. The Palmistry Guide is already written on your hands you just have to follow it. We wanted to challenge our expectation of traditional BMX trips by finding unique and untouched spots for riding and filming. This is why we chose Morocco and Iceland. Iceland was a mind blowing experience as there was no distinction between night and day, and there was just an incredible atmosphere riding in those conditions.  - Alex Valentino

See more in our Vince Perraud Palmistry Guide photo gallery HERE.

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MATTHIAS DANDOIS (@matthiasdandois)
JUSTIN FOUQUE (@justinfouque)
THEO ZANNETTACCI (@theopopoulos)
PHOTOS: VINCE PERRAUD (@vinceperraud)

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