VANS 'THE CIRCLE' – Markus Reuss talks BMX, Tattoos and Art

Creativity and Inclusivity

29 Oct 2020

In conjunction with VANS

As part of the build up to the anticipated release of 'The Circle' edits, Vans TM Andy Zeiss caught up with Wuppertal's German rider and tattoo artist Markus Reuss to talk creativity and inclusivity as part of VANS support for expressive creators within the BMX community. Look for more of Markus's artwork in 'The Circle' finals show on DIG on November 14th.

Find out everything you need to know about THE CIRCLE here.

Also, If you aren't familiar with our friend Markus Reuss, he nearly died in an assault in 2016 and this documentary focuses on the mental process needed to cope with such a traumatic experience.

Markus is supported by DIG Partners: Sunday / Odyssey