Video Vault: Props – Rebel Jam 2005

Remember that contest in Berlin that everyone used to go to?

3 Nov 2014

Filmed and edited by Props

Ahead of this year's Rebel Jam in London UK we're having a look at the history of a great event...

"Let's get the rebellion started! Mike Emde and I created rebeljam because we wanted to shake up the current event scene in Europe. We wanted to focus on the riders and the community more than the average event would. The Mellowpark was the perfect location for the kick-off. One of our ideas was to always leave something of value for the local scenes – ramps, obstacles, maybe just the wood. Everything involved had to have a legacy. It was crazy to have so many big names in Berlin that year. It still makes us proud when we see pictures from the first two editions – Corey Martinez, Van Homan, Gary Young, Nathan Williams, Corey Bohan, Brian Foster, Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, and so many others you didn't get to see at most European events at the time. And not to forget Ruben Alcantara, who won the bunny hop contest!" - Andy Zeiss

Find out more about the history of the Rebel Jam, along with some awesome photos here.