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4 Feb 2015

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-2

Squeeze me baby!

Intro and Photos by Andrew White

Bone Deth makes bikes that complement their rider’s personalities. There’s no mistaking a Bone Deth part. The Status Quo disregards the acceptability of 48 spoke wheels and other BD staples, yet their devout following lives and dies by the tried and true timeless setups. These bikes are made to go fast and stand out. Step on one and you instantly want to light a cigarette acid drop off a roof. I really can’t top what Burns said about them below, so let’s let him and the others speak about their rides for themselves.


BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-7

Perfect for fetching the pail of milk.

"It has probably added years to my life without the stress or nightmares about snapping poxy chains"

"My bicycle is my most valuable possession, financially and sentimentally. It has a multipurpose utility. I use it 99% of days, not just for stunts, but getting to work, the shops, beach, appointments, to and home from partyin'.

My favorite part its my wipperman 1G8 chain. I have always had problems with breaking chains and it has ruined many days. It has probably added years to my life without the stress or nightmares about snapping poxy chains.

My bike is usually shitty condition I don't care about leaving it in the rain, scratches throttle grip, loose everything, low pressure. The oldest part/parts are my never rotated 4 diet grinder pegs, 3 prototype chromo hub guards that are just over 2 and half years old." - Jay Wilson

BoneDeth Aux-12

2. Sean Burns

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-6

Burns never uses a bike bag when flying. OG box and duct tape always.

"Bone Deth bikes are rock n roll. Simply put. I never break parts. They break me"

"Just as Garth Algar said... A pair of underwear eventually becomes a part of you. So does a bike, if you ride it enough. In that case you want it to look the way you feel. Some people put no effort on the appearance. What those people don't realize is your bike makes up half of your style. Although some people's opinions will differentiate, and each is his own. As long as you think your bike is badass that is all that matters.

I myself find my bike this day in age to be the most bad ass chunk of metal I've ever ridden. With Bone Deth we've attempted to make our bikes resemble motorcycles from the 50's. All black and chrome, simplistic with some weird action involved. You can't deny that four piece are a lot meaner than two piece. When I look at my bike I automatically see Lemmy behind it. I see a Motörhead bike. Can you picture Lemmy riding a Verde with two piece bars? Hell no.

Bone Deth bikes are rock n roll. Simply put. I never break parts. They break me." - Sean Burns

BoneDeth Lifestyle AW-14

3. Party Management

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-8

Poopdude's older brother's bike.

"It's crazy the amount of hormones a seat on a rusty BMX bike can produce"

"My barracuda is a 21 inch, black, Bone Deth "Bastard" frame, with mostly all Bone Deth components. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to bicycle maintenance, so I try to keep it as simple as I can. No brakes and no pegs. I run my chain pretty loose and my pedals beat up, for sprocket / pedal maneuvers. I ride bigger 2 piece bars (9 inch Bone Deth "Bomber" Bars) with thin, flangeless grips because I feel like it gives you more bike control. I'm probably wrong, but it feels good.

My favorite part on my bike is the leopard "Vibrator" seat. Not because it looks and feels rad, but it gets chicks horny. Like super horny. It's crazy the amount of hormones a seat on a rusty BMX bike can produce. Mind blowing. For good luck, I run a barbie head as a valve cap. She's been there for me through thick and thin for a better part of 5 years. She's a blonde, blue eyed, sassy bitch with pink lipstick. My fantasy girl! I'm horny." - Party Management

BoneDeth Lifestyle AW-10

4. Lee Hopkins

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-4

A bike we're all a bit more used to.

"...every time I think I've caught up to the rat race I find out that I need a larger T-shirt & tighter pants"

"Honestly, I'm not much of a bike nerd. Although I'm constantly trying to figure out all this newfangled BMX technology. It seems that I can't keep up, every time I think I've caught up to the rat race I find out that I need a larger T-shirt & tighter pants.

My bike is mostly made up of Bone Deth stuff obviously, but theres a healthy amount of Animal, Demolition, and anything else I can muster up. My cranks are over ten years old, they're 180mm Primo powerbites with a Ti spindle. I run a Bad Timing seat cause we go way back and 4 Bone Deth Coffee Grinder pegs simply because they are the most prolific pegs to ever hit the market." - Lee Hopkins

BoneDeth Lifestyle AW-16

5. Dirt Ron

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-5

Dirt Bike?

"I built it as a freestyle machine to my liking and no one else's"

"I love my bike and I love how it's setup. It usually starts off really nice and dialed, then gradually becomes a pile of garbage that I want to completely replace. I crash and bail a lot so that probably damages my bike more than regular wear and tear.

My brakes are setup 'European' style because I use my stronger right hand for front brake stuff. I tried switching to regular before and just ending up getting a concussion so right side setup became permanent. I commute a lot on my bike too so the high seat post and two brakes are very functional outside of shredding. I'm not too finicky about my setup as far as dimensions or anything. I run everything out of the box as is. As long as my brakes are working good and have around 70 psi in my tires I'm good.

Definitely the oldest part on my bike is the bio dome wheel set. I got them as prototypes from interbike to try about 3 or so years ago. I lazily bump jump up every curb I see, case the bejesus out of quarters, land flatter than all hell on vert ramps, ride up stairs and bail on a constant basis. I can legitimately say that they are the strongest wheels I've ever had. For those reasons I would say the wheels are probably my favorite part of the bike. I keep it pegless for maximum foot plantage and also because pegs make me crash really hard.

Overall I built it as a freestyle machine to my liking and no one else's." - Dirt Ron

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-1

6. Chris Crawford

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-3

96 spokes

"I just let my riding define my riding and not the color schemes"

"I try to keep my bike like my riding, simple. I run minimal accessories, strong parts, and run it black n sleek. Can't do the loud or multi-colored parts and frames that seem to be flooding BMX. Never was into that crap, I just let my riding define my riding and not the color schemes.

The featherweight parts are fucked, ridin’ all the BD parts we make, seems to be pretty strong stuff. Siked on the BD wheels the most right cause I unfortunately had to ride 36s and that shit was constant maintenance that I never maintained. Pretty much impossible to find 48s unless it’s by us. Shit changes lives." - Chris Crawford

BoneDeth BMX Bikes AW-9
BoneDeth Lifestyle AW-2


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