Brad Simms: Have Bike - Will Travel

"How I wanna act… why don’t you tell me how you wanna act?"

5 Nov 2015

BSimms Framed-Graphic

Photos by James Christenson

We reckon Merritt's Brad Simms has been to close to 100 countries by now and is definitely one of those guys who is truly living BMX, traveling, learning about other cultures, learning heaps of languages and of course—shredding on his bike. Here’s Brad’s current set up and a quick insight on what he’s been up to.

Bsimms fullbike-portrait

You are in Austin right now, right?

Yep. At first I thought it would be saturated with riders, but it’s not that bad. I thought everywhere you’d go, you would see riders, but it’s not like that. The groups are pretty segregated. I think next month (November) will be the best month to be here. It’s still been getting up to like 90ºF/32ºC+

Sweaty buttcrack.

Not mine! (laughter) I usually don’t end up going out until 4 PM or 5 PM.

Where were you before Austin?

I was in Maryland visiting family and before that I was in… let me see… I was in Hungary and Romania.

Were you in Europe most of this year?

Europe, Asia, North Africa… I’d say the majority of the time was in Europe.

Are you planning on staying in the States for a bit?

In a perfect world, in the next month, I’d like to put out two videos before I leave and make a few videos while I’m traveling around. I’m close to Mexico right now… I was thinking about going down there for a few days or whatever. I am going to go to Cali.

Travel tips?

Be patient. Money can’t buy you patience. Travel light and be respectful of peoples cultures.

How you wanna act?

How I wanna act… why don’t you tell me how you wanna act?! (laughter)

Brad's Setup

BSimms Full-Bike

"I take a half inch off my bars—that is the only thing." - Brad

Frame: BSD WZA 21.1

Cranks: BSD Substance Cranks 165 MM

Bars: Merritt Brad Simms

Tires: Merritt Brian Foster FT1

Forks: BSD Acid

Stem: Merritt Inaugural

Sprocket: Merritt Chris Childs

Headset: Merritt Hightop

Pedals: Merritt P1

Seat: Merritt SL1

Seat Post: Merritt

Hubs: Merritt Non-Stop Cassette

Hub Guards: Merritt Tension

Pegs: Merritt S.I.R.

Grips: Merritt Pete Sawyer

Chain: BSD Halflink

Modifications: I take a half inch off my bars—that is the only thing.

BSimms Sprocket-Detail
BSimms Mid-Front
Bsimms Rear

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