Product Drop: Chris Childs - Signature Shop Series - Profile X Circuit BMX

Chris Childs designed and approved!

3 Oct 2019

Chris Childs Sig Hub

Words via Matt Coplon / Profile Racing

Profile and team rider Chris Childs put their heads together to produce a limited run of their Elite Hubs with a Chris Child’s designed Profile X Circuit BMX collab logo, to celebrate their long-standing local bike shop connection.

Here's the full story and a little Circuit BMX shop history via one of the busiest men in BMX, Matt Coplon.

"Over the 18 years I've been managing both sales and our freestyle team, I've had the opportunity to witness, first hand, what the inception of a core BMX shop can do for their local scene.

Circuit Bmx was conceived in 2006 in Pawtucket, RI. by Vic and Cara Bettencourt. Over the years, as the shop has grown, they've expanded into a second, a third, and finally a fourth location, and have been an anchor in their scene hosting several events each year and being one of the main players in the inception and maintenance of the Providence Pump Track.

With Circuit, as with many of our core BMX shops, Profile has done our best to support them in turn.

Including, at the end of 2018, the addition of Chris Childs to the Profile family.

Chris is not only one of the core riders on Circuit's team, but also Vic and Cara's right hand man at the shop.

To celebrate our connection, we gave Chris the creative reins to design a collab logo.

Together with Emma Jocelyn, they conjured this Circuit Bmx x Profile Racing logo, where we took it to our in-house laser etching machine, and created 5, total, limited edition Profile Elite Hubs sets (all sets in black) as well as one single set of classic, Profile Totem Hubs (pictured here) for Chris' personal rig.

Thanks to both Chris and Circuit for the support.

These hub sets are available tnow, exclusively through Circuit BMX shop.

Over the next year, we'll be creating similar limited edition designs with a selection of our riders in collab with their local bike shop.

Stay tuned, and please support your local bike shop." -Matt Coplon