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28 Jun 2019

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It may be famed for being one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back 7000 years, but Athens, Greece isn't just dusty cobbles and philosophers in sandals. DIG video guy Peter Adam headed off with Dethays along with Eclat's Bruno Hoffmann, Lewis Mills, Alex Kennedy and Jordan OKane meeting up with locals, including Eclat teammate Jason Eustathiou, to sample the city's best spots. Needless to say with this crew things got heated, fast.

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Featuring Eclats’ Alex Kennedy, Lewis Mills, Bruno Hoffmann and Jordan OKane in the ancient city of Athens, Greece.

  • 1 x 44 page DIG ECLATHENS Zine
  • A5 high quality recycled paper
  • Includes DIG Stickers
  • Photography by Dethrays

In conjunction with Official DIG Partners: Eclat BMX

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