Eclat - Jordan Godwin Chocolate Bars

Quick promo

22 May 2019

Filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw

Quick promo for Jordan's signature Chocolate bars from Eclat. These are all from the DOOMSAYER promo but still worth a re-watch!

"UK street magician Jordan Godwin wanted a 9″ rise bar with a slightly smaller box than our other bars but with narrower width of 27.75″ to eliminate the need to take a hacksaw to them. The large radius bends give the Chocolate bar a classic round shape, and the 25.4mm Oversize (OS) clamping option allows you to pair it up to one of our 25.4mm stems for a truly unstoppable front end set which will have you throwing hard 540s like the man himself in no time…" - Eclat

Jordan Godwin is supported by official DIG partners: EclatWTPEtnies