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The Rush loving trailer park boy from Montreal...

19 Dec 2014

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Photos by Andrew White

Dillon Lloyd is the people’s choice. I mean that because once you meet him you realize he’s the kind of guy you want to take the day off work with. It might start off playing computer games, then riding a little, then some good street food and then some beers, more beers and then its 5am and you realize Dillon is the absolute Canadian fun kid and you kind of feel like you want to take him round town introducing him to all the morons and explain to them that they should be more like him. We asked him 7 questions that may or may not make any sense in an attempt to know a little more about the Rush loving trailer park boy from Montreal.

1. What’s up with the winters in Montreal then? How cold does it get and how do you cope?

Montreal drops to the average of about minus 25 in the winter - way too cold. I can cope with it by just chilling inside and riding the indoor park or just by knowing ill be riding somewhere hot at some point.

2. Where is the closest trailer park and do you know any authoritative figures that happen to be called Randy?

It used to be just like a 5 minute pedal down the road but they just recently demolished so the closest one is in the next town over about a 15 min bike ride. No, I’ve not yet had the chance to be truly blessed in my life to have my own Randy, hahaha.

3. How did it feel to be out at Texas Toast competing under the molten laver sun?

It was brutal. All I wanted was some water and something sandy so my grips would stop being so slippy but it was still a good time for sure.

Dillon Lloyd BMX AW

Switch bar on the 2104 WTP NOLA trip.

4. How many alligators did you see in New Orleans recently? Do you think you could successfully wrestle one to the ground?

I did see about 8 or 9 of them, huge ones as well. I don’t know if I could successfully wrestle one of the ones I saw to the ground but if I’m feeling brave and I got some spare duct tape I recon I could get a decent size one to the ground and tape him into a submission.

5. At what stage in life do you think you officially become a man? Maybe after you've successfully wrestled an Alligator?

Haha for sure, it has to be after you wrestle down a 12 footer.

6. What do you have planned to do today?

Today I’m helping a friend at their garage. They need some help there so I’m always up to give a hand and then either hopefully get to ride the indoor park or just exercise, if not then I’ll be a slug for the rest of the day.

7. What does Dillon Lloyd have in his pockets right now?

I have nothing in my pockets - got no pants on.

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