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11 Sep 2016

Battle Hastings Leader

Images Courtesy of Source BMX

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A major BMX comp is finally back in Hastings UK and if practice is anything to go by you're not going to want to miss the BATTLE OF HASTINGS this weekend. So much talent in one place. Follow THIS LINK to watch the LIVESTREAM on

Saturday 10th September

21:00 (UK Time) - Qualifying round up Program Live

Catch up with all the days happenings with interviews, features and clips from the qualifiers.

Sunday 11th September

12 Noon (UK Time) - Battle of Hastings Finals Build up

The build up to the main event plus catch up on the best action from Qualifying.
14:30 (Uk Time) - Battle of Hastings Finals
Watch all the action Live from SourceBMX Battle Of Hastings


Weekend Schedule

Saturday September 10th

14.30   Doors Open / Practice

15.00-15.30  Etnies Pro Rider Poster Signing

16.00   Contest Starts

19.00   Contest Ends

22.00 - 03.00   Monster Energy After Party @ The Brass Monkey

The Courtyard Bar and The Helm pub is open 12.00-19.00

Sunday September 10th

13.30   Doors Open / Practice

14.00-14.30  Etnies Pro Rider Poster Signing

15.00   Etnies Best Trick contest

15.50   Finals Start

17.10   Contest Ends and Results Announced 

The Source BMX shop and Merchandise stand is open from 10.00 - 18.00

The Courtyard Bar and The Helm pub is open 12.00-18.00

Battle Of Hastings Gary Young Team And Larry Edgar Team
Battle Of Hastings Teams Benny L And Dakota Roche

Now for the format. The Battle of Hastings is using an innovative format that combines street and park riding in both of our skateparks whilst utilising both competition format and video edits. 10 of their favourite riders were chosen to be captains and they each picked 3 riders each to make up their team. An 11th team is made up of 4 riders that qualified from the source qualifier events held at the Source Park back in June.

Each team is competing over 3 days to win the Battle of Hastings; 950 years exactly since the original battle.

There are 4 Sessions taking place that decide the winner :

1. Plaza Session (Friday). Each team captain picks 2 of their riders to film a video edit in our Plaza skatepark. This street plaza replicates rails, ledges and banks that are found on the streets. Each pair of riders has 1 hour of privacy to film an edit with our two filmers, Rich Forne and Cal Earnshaw which are then edited by Peter Adam and scored by our judges. The edits will be shown to the riders on Saturday night and released online in the run up to Christmas.

2. Park Session (Saturday). Each team gets 12 and a half minutes to ride the main park where all 4 riders are scored for their riding and the score totalled.

3. Etnies Best Trick Session (Sunday). Each team captain picks 1 rider to ride the best trick contest. The riders get 25 minutes to pull their best trick on the street section.

4. Finals (Sunday). This is where each team wants to be!! Scores from the first 3 teams decide the 4 top teams that ride in the finals. This is where the 4th place rider from each team riders in a group for 15 minutes and then the 3rd place riders in a group and so on. Scores are added up for each team and the highest scoring team declared as the winner of the inaugural Battle of Hastings. The 4 captains in the final will also be invited back next year.

Battle Of Hastings Teams Kriss Kyle Dan Lacey
Battle Of Hastings Teams Nathan Williams Greg Illingworth

Anything Else You Should Know? 

 A live show from the event will be hosted at with the schedule as follows :


Saturday 10th September Evening 21:00-21:30 BST

Sunday 11th September Midday 12:00-12:30 BST

Main Event Broadcast: 

Sunday 11th September Midday 15:00-17:30 BST

(British Summer Time (BST) is 10 hours behind East Coast Australia , 1 hour behind Mainline Europe, 5 Hours ahead of USA Eastern Time and 8 hours ahead of Pacific Time.)

What more could you need to know...?

The Source BMX Battle Of Hastings is presented by Monster, in association with DIG partners Etnies and is proudly sponsored by BSD, Cinema, Cult, Federal and United.

What you might ask, is the 'Battle of Hastings'?

The original Battle of Hastings took place in 1066 and this year with the 950 year festivities, The source are putting Hastings back on the international contest scene with their version of the Battle of Hastings to celebrate the first big BMX contest at the Source Park.   

Follow the @sourcebmx Instagram account and #BattleOfHastings for regular updates or head to:  

Press Contact : The Source on: , Tel +44 1424 460943

Battle Of Hastings Teams Bas Garrett Issac

The Battle of Hastings is presented by Monster Energy in association with etnies, and is supported by BSD, CultCinema, Federal and United.

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