10 Questions - Julian Arteaga

"I’ll dabble in Rat boy and Hamilton on occasion"

9 Sep 2016


Photo By Chris Eiland

The Common Crew just released Monster Mash - and lets just say it’s one for the 5-year plus video club, which is a very prestigious club indeed. One of their boys Julian Arteaga dropped 10 answers with us that might or might not give you an insight into the human being he is. (add link to common crew dvd and say it's now available interationally)

1. Name?

Julian Arteaga.

2. How long you been riding?

6 years.

3. Crew?


4. Explain what motivates you each day to do what you do?

Probably live the life I want and to have fun doing it.

5. How does an average day start out for you?

Usually work until the afternoon then get together with the crew and ride something, most likely a flat ledge haha. On the weekends we’ll pile in the rari or race hhr and hit the road for about 45 and hit a certain area or two then grab dinner. End up in a parking lot with a couple flat rails no doubt.

6. Do you ever take inspiration from past BMX videos / tricks and shit from like 10+ years ago?

Haha well I’ve not been riding for long so nothing really past that but I’ll dabble in Rat boy and Hamilton on occasion.

7. Are you a project kind of rider? Do you always need to have a good project to be filming?

I’d say so, I started filming for Monster Mash after taking riding a bit serious, so it’s kind of all I know. Plus, what’s better than going out, having a good time and getting clips you’re stoked on.

8. How important is it having a solid crew around you?

The Common Crew from the start. I’d say very important.

9. Hometown spots get blown out easily and I know how its hard to find motivation when you’ve ridden them for years, how do you feel about that? Do you think with a fresh set of eyes when looking at the same old spots?

Yeah spots get blown out but I feel like it opens up the mind for new creative possibilities on the same spot.

10. How do you cope with injury? What else occupies your time when its not riding?

Not much really, just hangout at home and cook or sit.

"Yeah spots get blown out but I feel like it opens up the mind for new creative possibilities on the same spot"

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