First Look - Jeff Kocsis' United Region Setup

A new Colorway for a Jersey Devil

14 Oct 2015

LIL Jeff region red chill CM

Photos by Chris Marshall

Jeff Kocsis has been a welcome feature on the pages of DIG (both print and online) for the past decade now and you'd be hard pressed to look at any coverage from the US East Coast scene and not catch a glimpse of him somewhere, probably in the background keeping everyone laughing as usual. Jeff leads a simple life with a no-frills mindset and is probably one of the last people to expect a signature colorway, but one of the first you'd want to give it to. We caught up with Lil' Jeff to see what's up with his new United Region colorway and to take a closer look at his current setup. Now pass me a fucking cigarette...

LIL Jeff region red bars CM

What made you want the red you chose for your new signature colorway? Are you a big Devils fan?

I chose this red because I think it looks good with black or polished parts and kinda has a timeless look, and nah I didn't do it because of the Hockey team in New Jersey, but the Jersey Devil stuff is rad.

You got the the chance to design your own stickers for the frame... tell us more about that.

For the stickers I kinda wanted people to grasp where I am according to New York geographically. Growing up riding around north jersey the skyline was your thing. It's the reason everyone's here. Just me in my pickup truck driving the turnpike home and staring at that skyline so many times it'll never leave my head. So when they gave me the shout, my lifelong friend Kyle Orlando @Klando and myself just sat around and he sketched it up. He sent me a final only a few days later and it was flawless. Ian (Morris) loved it. And boom! Done.

Was there anything else you were looking for with the frame?

Yeah, I've always wanted a shorter back end with a higher seat tube - I like having the back end underneath me. Ian and the boys at United mocked up the Region frame and it just went perfect with what I wanted. So it wasn't a struggle with samples and we didn't have to redesign anything.

You have been traveling a shit ton this year filming for your United DVD part. How is your section coming along for that?

Yea it's been a lots of traveling these last two years with the United crew. It's nice being able to work on a real section and make it diverse and just have the freedom to make it however I want. We got a song locked down and everyone is hyped on the energy it's giving off.

Is there any timeline to when the #stillunited DVD will be dropping?

The United DVD should drop around early March 2016. It's hard to say exactly because people are still filming at this moment.

fr un region dark red 1024x1024 2


Top Tube Length 20.5, 20.75, 21 & 21.25" / BB Height 11.8" / Chainstay Length 13.2" / Headtube Angle 75° / Standover Height 9" / Seattube Angle 71° / Tapered Top tube / Tapered & Oval Downtube / Double Gusset for added strength / Tapered seat stays & / Tapered oval Chain stays / Clearance for 2.40" tyres / Tapered seat tube/ Invest Cast seat clamp / Matching taper on BB & Headtube / No Brake mounts for clean look / Weight - 4.7lbs (2150g // 2.15 Kg's)

LIL Jeff region red close CM
LIL Jeff region red fence CM

"For the stickers I kinda wanted people to grasp where I am according to New York geographically." - Jeff Kocis

LIL Jeff region red CM


FRAME: United Region Red Colorway

FORK: United Supreme

BARS: United G-Slat

STEM: United Supreme Top Load

GRIPS: Animal Edwin's

CRANKS: United Nash V2 Bossless 170mm

SPROCKET: United Machinez Spline Drive

PEDALS: Animal

CHAIN: Animal Hoder

SEAT: United sample

SEAT POST: United Tripod

REAR HUB: Animal


RIMS: United Supreme


FRONT TYRE: United Indirect 2.35"

REAR TYRE: United Direct 2.10"

LIL Jeff region red cruise CM

For more info:

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