First Look: United's New 'Incarnate' & 'Knightsbridge' frames

A Street Beast and a Trails Weapon...

29 May 2018

United First Look Incarnate Knightsbridge

We've got another First Look feature to wet your product appetites this week! This time United let us take a squint at their new trails frame, the Knightsbridge and their street offering, the Incarnate with Epsom trails' very own Freddie Househam, and Hastings' Jordan O'Kane's personal rides pictured below. These haven't just been given a lick of new paint and some funky graphics - the Incarnate comes with the all new ultra slim cast wishbone and some tight dimensions for a responsive and stiffened back end - not to mention a punchy Aleister Crowley vibe. While the Knightsbridge, with big size top tube options of 21.125 to 21.625, comes with a widened BB for extra sprocket clearance and also bullet tipped chain and seatstay tubing. Let's get right into it...

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United 'Knightsbridge' Frame

United Knightsbridge

"After a surge of big air and big trails becoming a more prolific stance in BMX we thought it would make perfect sense to design up a big booster. Australian connect Tyson Jones-Peni and Epsom trail boss Freddie Househam did the numbers and came up with the dimensions for the all new KNIGHTSBRIDGE frame. Coming in at the bigger end of the spectrum, the Knightsbridge is designed to roost! Starting at 21.125 and working its way all up to 21.625 this frame is an absolute weapon. Thickened tubing throughout to keep your mind at ease for those inevitable hang-ups, widened BB for extra sprocket clearance on those who like to run a bigger sprocket. Double S bend chain stay for added tyre clearance and a 13.9” back end. Welded brake lugs and cable guiding for the anchors. Finished off in gloss Merlot Red or gloss raw with graphics drawn by Tyson himself and to give a nod at the TRU frame we have opted to go with a head tube badge rather than sticker." - UNITED BIKE CO

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 • 4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing

  • TT: 21.125” 21.375” 21.625”

 •  HT: 74.4

 •  CS: 13.9”

 •  BB: 11.5

 •  SO: 9

 •  ST: 71

  • Thickened tubing

  • Widened BB

  • Double S bend Chain Stays

 •  Welded Lugs and cable routing

 •  Head Tube Badge

  • Gloss Merlot

  • Gloss Raw


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United 'Incarnate' Frame

United Incarnate

"With the incarnate frame we wanted something that was going to be able to take abuse. The all-new Incarnate frame from united. Alisteir Crowley inspired graphics featuring “The Beast Incarnate”. The first in line of the new United direction. Collectively designed with the team. Pin pointing features that need to be apparent in the build of the INCARNATE. Designed to have a responsive and stiffened back end with the all-new ultra slim cast wishbone. Tested extensively through CAD aided machine work software to implement extreme force and handed to team riders to give a good battering.  Shallower pitched seat tube angle to move the bottom bracket forward making the feel of the bike smaller without changing the top tube length. 13” slammed back end with thickened chain stays. Top and Down tube gussets for extra strength out the front. Relatively steep head tube angle at 75.5 to keep front-end tricks responsive. Finished in two flat trans colours." - UNITED BIKE CO

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• 4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing

•  TT: 20.8” 21” 21.2”

•  HT: 75.5

•  CS: 13”

 • BB: 11.75

 • SO: 8.75

•  ST: 70.25

•  Ultra Slim, Cast Wishbone

 • Thickened Chain Stays

•  Flat Trans Brown

 • Flat Trans Smoked Black

 • Flat Raw


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