United In Morocco - Unseen

No Foreign Lands Part 2

20 Apr 2018

Photos by Jason 'Fooman' Colledge

To accompany United's 'No Foreign Lands' Morocco trip (video here), we've co-produced a DIG X UNITED photo zine with 52 pages of quality images by Fooman and little insight from the crew of Tom Deville, Justin Care, Harry Mills-Wakley, Ben Gordon, Fernando Laczko, Sebastian Anton and filmer Peter Adam. The zine is available from United BMX dealers and free with any new orders on the DIG store (while stocks last). Above is a selection of unseen pics from the trip that didn't quite make the cut for print. Enjoy!

"Agadir, a city located along the Southern Atlantic coast of Morocco and victim of a devastating earthquake in the 60’s; resulting in a complete rebuild. Vast open stretches of nothing but up turned land instantly followed by its many downtown streets then broken up with wide spread residential suburbs, overlooked by the remains of the Kasbah with its white stone script spread out on the hillside face reading the Arabic phrase “God, Country, King.” Agadir seemed to span out extensively.

We set off each day from the hostel, eager eyed, scoping the landscape through the tinted windows as we made our way into the city. Joking and laughing between us with the dominant sound of rap music coming from Fernando’s speaker. Big bottles of ice-cold water were passed around as the heat began to soar early on in the day. With local stories from Adir as we passed through different areas, and info on the local hot spots to eat and drink at. The description of spots we were on route to often be interrupted with a “YEWWWWWWW” out the window at passers by at the side of the road. This was almost like clockwork every day and the excitement kept building throughout the trip." - Fooman

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