EYEBALLS - Sebastian Anton

When Your Camera Is Older Than You

25 Aug 2017

Photos by Sebastian Anton / Interview by Fooman

United's Sebastian Anton is quietly winning life. At a young age he's already doing what he loves, killing it on his bike and now honing his skills on a 35mm camera that's older than himself. Not your average goth rap, instagram addict young man. If you aren't familiar with this gentle German then make sure you watch his latest 'Kids In America' video, but before you do that take a look through the pupils of Sebastian in our latest Eyeballs gallery.

I have been seeing some of your 35mm pop up now and then. How long have you been shooting photos for?

It all started around three years ago I think.

What made you pick up a camera?

A friend back then would always have these disposable one use cameras and one time I went to his house there were all the photos hanging on his walls. I thought, "uhh that's nice" so I started with those cameras too. One year later I got the old cam from my mum, which was, my first proper film camera.

How come you choose to shoot 35mm film rather than digital?

I just loved and still love the feeling when you get your developed photos back and you're just hyped when something turns out like you wanted. Also I feel like film is more authentic than digital because you shoot 30 photos digital and choose the best. With film you just shot two or three and take them as they come. So don’t me wrong digital is definitely a smarter way for contest photos for example but I just shoot for myself so that's the reason why I prefer film. Can't wait for the moment in 20 years when I'm just looking at all photos from trips, party's and all the good times! 

What camera are you shooting on?

At the moment I’m shooting with the Canon EOS300X when I am out riding with my friends. An Olympus MJ 1 for the nightlife. So I always have a camera with me. 

Favourite film you choose to shoot on?

I don't have a specific film to be honest but I prefer the 'fujifilm 200' or the 'Kodak professional Portra 400'. Black and white films are always a good option too btw.

Do you have a favourite subject to shoot?

No not really actually. I just like to shoot things I like.

Do you study photography or have you been teaching yourself?

I had photography in school for one year but I also had the option to ask my helpful friends Merlin or Vincent for everything else. So I learned with a digital Camera too.

Do you see yourself pursuing a career with photography or is this just a fun hobby for you?

No as I said I shoot for myself like a little hobby besides riding. Maybe some more gallery work here and there but nothing like a career. I mean that's what I think right now, who knows what comes.

What would you say has been the most memorable photo for you to shoot?

Hard question but I think it's Fernando’s Kink rail picture because it was the last photo before the old camera (Canon EOS 500N) of my mum died and it came out pretty sick. It was also the first United Region crew trip so there are a lot of nice memories when I'm thinking about the good times.