Double Ditch Jam 2017 - In Photos

15 years of ABQ tradition, family, friends and BMX!

4 Sep 2017

Photos & words by : Wes McGrath

Within the wide world of BMX today, only a select handful of people know the true meaning of the phrase, "Double Ditch Weekend!" Coming from the New Mexican city of Albuquerque it upholds a reputation as one of the wildest and out of control jams this side of the Mississippi! Originally hosted and spawned from master mind of Adam Deamer aka Roll Mexican, this specific jam originally brought together the southwestern scenes of Southern Texas, Arizona and of course kids from all over New Mexico came to join the fun and get down! Over the years we have had riders come from as far as Florida and New York, making this weekend impact coast to coast...

The ditch itself has been in BMX for almost 20 years, making and taking names in its career. It has even earned the nickname, 'concussion ditch' by locals and to those dozens of teams who have visited the ditch over the years it has created an allure throughout time to be one of the go to spots in the city!

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of Double Ditch, since the original jam took place back in 2003! Over the time of 15 years this gathering has brought together a citywide  BMX culture and helped a whole community of riders join forces in the name of bikes and mayhem! I am always in awe to see people come out year after year and witness the support we receive for our scene and our friends from all over the country!

We took the approach of, less is more this year... No additives to the ditch like we usually do, no ramps, no ledges or rails just high speed gaps, traditional wall rides and sub boxes. Creating the ditch platform for an old school vibe hinging on creativity and burliness pulled the energy out of everyone for a great time! Friends new and old came to watch, support and ride with us to bring us back to the roots, just fun with your friends... In a ditch!

Thanks to all the original OG's who keep this blood flowing, we all know with time some people come and go but the real ones impact never goes away! Vidial Vigil, Gil Montya, Nate Richter, Pesk1, Sam Adams, Mario Carrasco, EP Eddy, Matt Gannon, Dorian Blanco, Adam Deamer, Pat & Adrian Vigil, Alex Jaquez aka TRIP, Wario, Robbie Owen, Clay Johnson, Zuka Hacker and so many more, you know who you are!

This Jam was hosted in Loving Memory of Pat Vigil and Alex Jaquez!

Thanks to all the riders and friends who came out to show love and a special thanks to the sponsors for helping with prizes for all the participants!

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24 Jan 2015