ABQ DNV - Slabcity

DIY in Denver, Colorado

3 Jan 2016

Filmed and edtied by Elevated Perspective / ABQDNV

With DIY spots you never know how long they will be around, so the ABQ DNV crew spent plenty of time riding Slabcity in Denver when they could last summer.  Fingers crossed the spot lives on for a while longer.

"Slabcity is a DIY spot in Denver we spent a decent amount of time this past summer, Filming when we saw fit but mostly just a fun spot to mess around at more then anything. You never really know what you will find here, from crazies walking from a to b or just random homies riding. This place my not be here for to much longer from what we have been told but hopefully it makes it another summer for a few more great times. Slabcity has seen many renditions in our short time up here so it is super cool to see what the guys could put together with the DIY spot. Even more so with the tech masters of Adam Accardi and Tremaine Stewart as they laid the spot to rest, Adams manny lines are outrageous and Treamine is just an all around monster! Hope you enjoy!

Riders - PACO, Adam Accardi, Mario Carrasco, Tremaine Stewart, Adam Banton, Dallas Martinez, Preston Levi, Jarod Lindberg, Ken Joe Robbinson, and Danny Camacho" - ABQ DNV

ABQ DNV Teaser

24 Jan 2015