Eyeballs - Ryan Ogawa

Fresno Ca, Scene and Done

22 Sep 2016

Words and photos by Ryan Ogawa

"Born and raised in Fresno California, I have been riding BMX for over 17 years and shooting for around half that time. I have a lovely wife and two awesome boys aged three and one, so you know I am a busy person.

Over the years I have had a rough time with knee injuries and spend most my riding time shooting photos now. I get the same satisfaction shooting photos of riding and the 'behind the scenes' stuff, as I ever did all my years of riding. Just like working for that one trick and finally landing it. That is the same feeling I get out of it. Putting in some time with a rider one on one to create a photo weather it works out or not is such an exciting feeling for me, especially if they are in for the time it may take.

Cameras and bikes / BMX and photography, as cheesy as it sounds, have become one crazy obsessive passion for me. Just like all the different bikes, and styles, flat, vert, street etc. The way each one makes you ride. It’s the exact same as all the different styles of cameras and the way they make you shoot. And being able to combine the two is  the icing on the cake for me." - Ryan Ogawa