Japan Has Spots!

Jack Birtles and friends on a mini RV mission

30 Mar 2016

Words and photos by Kyle Jacobson

The perpetual hangover that is a road trip through Japan. This was the second time we ventured over to the land of the rising sun so it was crucial that we got some serious travelling done this time. We started with a week on the outskirts of Tokyo, then picked up some camper cars and hit the road for the next 2 weeks travelling down to Osaka, where we spent another week in Namba. Rehito Murata was our boss man for the trip and his knowledge of spots in his homeland is unreal. Everyday held more and more unimaginable spots and the list was being topped daily - Anyone that has been to Japan will say the same. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the overwhelming hospitality of the locals and every new town held more dudes to ride and party with. Thank you!

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