Your chance to own a piece of history and support and good cause..

18 Nov 2015


Images courtesy of Haro Bikes

As a lover of all things BMX, It's not often you get the chance to own a stellar piece of history, while making a difference to a worthy cause. Beginning Friday November 13th, at 12.00pm PST, Haro Bikes auctions the serial number 005 from its 2012, Haro Freestyle 30th Anniversary reissue project. The first ten serial numbers of the 300 made were produced, and then withheld for exactly this purpose, to encourage this great community of riders, collectors and historians, to bid well and take home the Haro family jewels. This frame and fork set, in its stunning presentation case could be yours, with all auction proceeds going directly to the Cancer battling Pablove foundation.

To place your bid (starting at $999), email to bmxcontact@harobikes.com... and good luck!

Here's the frame and fork on offer, and here's one built up to show how it could look! - HARO



24 Apr 2015

Haro in Malaysia

25 Nov 2014