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Why is the grip not round?

16 Sep 2022

Ecalt Grips Octa Outdoor 22 Copy

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The mad scientists of éclat BMX bring innovation to the table once again with the new Octo Grip.

"Why is the grip not round? The 8-sided profile of the Octa Grip is based around simple ergonomics. The inside shape of a closed human hand gripping the bar is not perfectly round, so by using a slightly shaped grip profile we were able to create a grip which simply fits to the shape of your hand, ensuring a more secure and comfortable hold on the bars.

We put a lot of thought into the Octa Grip’s feel and performance. The unique multi-directional ribbed profile with grip-cells for increased traction was inspired by an idea from éclat PRO Julian Arteaga. This feature ensures your hands won’t slip, especially in sweaty conditions. With small micro-bumpers at each end of the grip, the handlebar and grip are also protected when things get a little choppy and it’s time to jump ship from the bike.

The longer 170mm profile is designed to prevent you from having to stretch the grip before installing, allowing the 30mm diameter and overall longevity of the grip to not be reduced.

Paired up with our high-performance rubber compound and Tech Bolt bar ends, the Octa Grip might just be the most technical BMX grip we’ve ever made."

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