11 Nov 2019

United Panda 2019

UNITED BIKE CO are Official DIG Partners

Hot on the tail of their recent Complete Bikes release UNITED have just dropped a new selection of parts and accessories including updated versions of their increasingly popular INCARNATE and KNIGHTSBRIDGE frames. The new mix also includes exclusive colourways and signature products from some of their new wave of riders, including Miki Fleck and Fernando Laczko. Great to see those guys going from strength to strength and getting yet more legit recognition. Here's a closer look at a few of their latest key products.


United Pa Incarnate V2 0Bjs V9 Na
United Pa Incarnate V2 U Xdfel1G





- 4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing

- TT: 20.8” 21” 21.2”

- HT: 75.5

- CS: 13”

- BB: 11.75

- SO: 8.75

- ST: 70.25

- Ultra Slim, Cast Wishbone

- Thickened Chain Stays


United Pa Incarnate V2 7 O3 Pf9 Ya


Knightsbridge 7 Sp0 Chi A
Knightsbridge Nr Gm8K A

COLOURS: Trans flat Brown / Blue Groove / Gloss Black


- 4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing

- Butted and tapered tubing throughout

- Top Tube: 21.1” 21.4” 21.6”

- Head Tube: 74.4

- Chain Stay: 13.9”

- Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5”

- Stand Over: 9”

- Seat Tube: 71

- Thickened tubing

- Widened BB

- Double S bend Chain Stays

- Welded Lugs and cable routing

- CNC’d Head Tube Badge


Knightsbridge Dom0Uqmw

Fleck Front Load Stem

United Pa Mikistemblack3

- Black, Polished, Brass

"The name gives it away and if you haven’t heard of Miki Fleck now then you have been looking the wrong way. We asked Miki what he wanted to work on and he came back with a front load stem. A fully CNC 6061 Ali block much like the Purge stem but front loading with a 48mm Reach and an 8mm rise you can rest assured you’re safe up front." - UNITED BIKE CO

Sunited Pa Mikistembronze
United Pa Mikistemsilver

United MDLCLS Sprocket and Guard

United Pa Miki Sprocket Taefgmqg

- Black, Polished

"The MDLCLS (abbreviated from Middle Class) is a sprocket we have been working on for a while. Trails meets street - The meeting of the middle ground. We wanted a sprocket that has the option to add a guard without taking away anything from the original design. We have gone for a trails design sprocket that gets a beefing when you bolt up the cleverly engineered guard. Both made from Cnc’d 6061 T6 Alloy the MDLCLS sprocket will take everything in its stride. Available in 25t 28t 30t and 33t we have you covered. The guards will only be available with 25t and 28t because who is going to be running a guard on anything bigger than that?" - UNITED BIKE CO

Iunited Pa Miki Sprocket Lfw9 Kka
United Pa Miki Sprocket B Ybkfl Wg

United x Union Gaaar Railed Seat 

United Pa Union Gaar Hkbo S3L A

"The railed seat was a thing of the past but in recent years we have been seeing a come back on this style of seat. We teamed up with Bicycle Union to offer this collaborated design. Coming in a tight thin padded shape with stamped logos this is a great looking seat. 8mm fully cromo rails finish things off here." - UNITED BIKE CO

- Available in Black, Brown leather.

United Pa Union Gaar 2 Mdn G1 Oa
United Pa Union Gaar W Fdcaksg

United Hooper Seat

United Pa Hooper Yv Vteu9W

"Thomas Hooper is a name that many of us are familiar with. Creating his own style of art and slaying his way through the tattoo scene! Hooper came through with this visual genius for a new designed seat which is available in pivotal and railed options." - UNITED BIKE CO

United Pa Hooper Lvnd Qmdq
United Pa Hooper 9F Eh Aj A

‘Dirty bars’ Fernando LACZKO signature

United Pa Dirty Bar Ooebs Dkw
United Pa Dirty Bar Mki4Y Olcw
United Pa Dirty Bar V7 Xmv8 Yq

"The dirty one that is Fernando managed to break free from the partying and come through with a signature series bar to match his colourway on the incarnate. Heat treated for that resistant strength and coming in at 28” wide, 9” tall with a 12 degree backsweep and a tiny 1 degree of upsweep these are ready for any occasion." - UNITED BIKE CO

- Ultra Gloss White OR Black

United Pa Dirty Bar U5 Lmuc6 Q

NEW UNITED ‘Metal Miki’ peg

"Miki Fleck is a savage and wanted a super strong 4.5” metal peg. Nothing more nothing less. You know the score! Reinforced inner, thickened tips, machined throughout!" - UNITED BIKE CO

United Pa Miki Peg Xo Bhmb Ag

For more info visit or ask for UNITED at any of these DIG partner stores: 4Down UK Stores | Source BMX | Bros Store | Kunstform | Lux BMX