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Blending together in Barcelona...

2 May 2019

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 12 Wm

Interview & Photos by: Wes McGrath

You can call it coincidence or you can call it luck, either way being able to travel the world with your bike as a vehicle and as a passion is something not too many get the chance to experience first hand... This past February I did just that, took myself to the airport and traveled far-away for BMX, only to find myself transplanted in Barcelona with the close company of Reed Stark! Energized by the new warmer weather, we took to the streets and to the hilltops to find some color and new sights, so here is a fresh look at Reed's latest and greatest BSD Safari build up brought to you in vibrant, "Mountain Moss"!

FRAME: BSD Safari 21.8”

FRAME BAG: Safari State XL Smuggler


GRIPS: BSD Paley Slims

STEM: BSD Stacked

HEADSET: BSD Integrated

FORKS: BSD Jonesin


CRANKS: BSD Substance 175mm


CHAIN: BSD 1991 Halflink

REAR HUB: BSD Westcoaster LHD

REAR TIRE: BSD Donnastreet 2.4


FRONT HUB: BSD Front Street Pro

FRONT TIRE: BSD Donnastreet 2.4


PEGS: BSD Rude Tube LT 4.5

SEAT: BSD Safari


KICKS: Etnies shoes

Sponsors, hook-ups, companies that help you out?

BSDEtnies, Sweets Kendamas, Rawr Superfoods, Plants Basically, Safari State

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 11 Wm

Reed and I went on a mission together one day and our only goal was to pedal up high onto a hillside and find some greenery to match his frame color... Reed is always on the hunt to uncover new pastures to enjoy and ride, even though both of us have been to Barcelona multiple times now, the city is never ending with surprises spread around nearly every corner!

You’ve told me that you run exclusively ALL BSD bike set up, so how long have you been with BSD?

Yessir. Been with BSD for 8 years now. Forever and ever.

What signature parts do you have with BSD and how long have you had them?

Safari frame, Safari bars, Safari seat, Safari pedals. Started with Giraffic Bars in 2011 and just recently switched to an updated geometry with the Safari and Safari XL bars. Realized the way your hands naturally sit fits better with with 3 degree upsweep rather than 1. Safari pedals came after Giraffic Bars in 2014, then the Frame in 2016, and the seat in 2017.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 4 Wm

Safari Bars XL 9.6. These bars are available in Flat black, Flat raw and Stainless. You can choose from two different rises, 9.1 and 9.6 inch as well as two different stem clamp sizes, 7/8th and 1' inch.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 3 Wm

Reed's signature BSD Safari frame in 21.8. This frame is available in four sizes, 20.6, 21, 21.4 and 21.8 and comes in three colors, his latest 2019 color-way Mountain Moss, Flat Raw and Flat black.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 8 Wm

On the front end, Reed relies on the new Jonesin' fork in Flat black. Sam Jones signature fork is also available in Flat raw and stainless. For his long trips in major cities and far-off dirt roads in Thailand he depends on the Alex Donnachie signature, DonnaStreet tire in 2.4' on all terrains! Shown here in Sand and also available in Black, Gum, Surplus green and White. Sized at 2.3' and 2.4'.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 7 Wm

Reed runs all four Dan Paley signature Rude Tube LT 4.5' pegs. These pegs come in 4.2' and 4.5', as well as 10mm and 14mm axle sizes.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 19 Wm

On one of the first days going out with a big crew after everyone had gotten into town from Estonia and finally settled, we had a full day ahead of us... Most of the crew rode this gap to wall ride but Reed had the most vertical juice on the wall, putting those signature Alex Donnachie, "Donnastreet" tire to proper use!

What is the back story to your new color-way, ‘Mountain Moss”?

I was gathering spring water near some peak in the Rocky Mountains. The rock under the water drip had this wild green colored moss on it. Snapped a photo and BSD sampled the photo for the paint color. It’s the same thing I did for the other Moroccan Sahara and South African Mud Safari frame colors.

Your bike is apparently revealing your own style with your Safari inspiration, what’s up with your new direction with ‘Safari State’, changing from ‘Safari Shit’?

Safari State refers to a state of mind, a state of being. I’ve been lucky enough to see the world without borders through my BMX connections. Felt like 'shit' was too small for us so had to make changes.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 10 Wm

The BSD Stacked Stem in Black. This stem is the tallest BSD offers and now has an oversized 1" clamp size available for extra strength! Comes in Flat black and Polished.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 6 Wm

Reed's Safari pedal is one of the most popular pedals out right now! Strong and with a large base, these pedals are available in four colors, Black, White, Gum and Surplus Green, you can make sure to match your set-up along with adding extra durability!

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 1 Wm

Reed's independent clothing company named, Safari State is a creative venture Reed uses to influence street wear and his bike... This Safari State XL Smuggler bag fits any tools needed for a daily cruise and even fits a full wine bottle!

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 9 Wm

The Safari seat is also another design inspired by Safari State... This seat is Reed's signature and it's available in two colors, Black and Brown.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 17 Wm

We woke up early, rushed to the train, only to go the wrong way for awhile... We ended up 45 minutes outside Barcelona in a small town known for it's DIY skate spot. Needless to say we were extremely late for our, "early morning session" before all the skaters showed up! Either way we got our session in for about an hour, one local skater was inviting and told us the history of the 11 year of, hand built DIY skatepark. Eventually our time ran out and not even the language barrier could misinterpret what they were telling us and that was to LEAVE! Reed and I snuck in this corner to corner boost on a parking block volcano!

Now that we are in the new year of 2019, what have you been up to in these past few months? Also, what’s up with your recent Kendama jam in Riga, Latvia? It was even broadcasted on Latvian television, right?

Been a wild one so far. Started the year in Minneapolis, Minnesota for NYE with the fam and Sweets crew, flew back to LA to work on a new Safari State line, then bounced to Europe for 6 weeks. My homie Ingus made a wave with kendamas in Latvia since I left this past summer. I told him he should start slangin Sweets at this crazy GG Fest contest. 6 months later he’s running Kekekendama shop in Riga and selling thousands and thousands of damas. Went to a dama jam in Riga before Simple Session and got properly swarmed by dama fans. It was like being a movie star or some shit. Definitely a wild experience.

Can you describe what kind of extra camera time you picked up during Simple Session this year?

This Estonian film crew is doing a documentary on the 20 years of Simple Session. They followed me around for most the weekend and got an inside look into my experience at the event. Can’t begin to imagine what it’s going to look like.

Describe BCN post Simple Session this year...

It was the 3rd year of the BMX Street Olympics. Can’t believe how many countries pulled up. Next year is going to be insane.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 2 Wm

Even though Reed is taller than most and he rides a long top tube, sized at 21.8... His rear end is still short enough to have proper pop a foot clearance from the peg!

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 5 Wm

It's quite appropriate for Reed to be running the BSD "WestCoaster" free coaster hub in the rear, given the fact he resides in sunny Los Angeles, California!

As a pro rider for one of the most influential companies in the industry right now, how do keep your inspiration flowing through years of designing new parts, color-ways and running your own clothing company?

I’m always moving. There’s a lot you can see out there if you jump off the cliff. New experiences with new people in new cities has made me who I am. It’s sick being able to put a vibe I got from a foreign place into a product and have it mean something.

What advice could you give to a young rider in BMX today, that would best support their own personal longevity within BMX?

Make everyone around you happier! Cheers boys, Reed.

Reed Stark Bsd Bike Check Bcn 13 Wm

Reed Stands tall over his Mountain Moss stallion of a BSD masterpiece in the hills of Barcelona, during the month of February, 2019.

Reed Stark is supported by Official DIG partners: BSD and Etnies

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