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Six Foot Five And Ready To Jive

23 Jun 2016

Dbg Bike Check 14

Photos by Fooman

At 6' 5" it's never been easy finding materials consisting of long enough fibres for that lofty form so when David Grant goes shopping it's often to the local farm store to grab up some lengthy bargains before Cletus can nab all the swaggy shit. Thankfully when it comes to getting a hold of a bike that doesn't twist his back into a solid lump of meaty pain, BSD has been on hand over the years and even provided him with his own signature 'Raider' frame. Peep the latest incarnation of DBG's ride here below...

Dbg Bike Check 12
Dbg Bike Check 16
Dbg Bike Check 13

Favorite part? 

The frame and bar combo. They suit each other really well. The specs all coincide perfectly and it gives the entire bike the overall feel I was looking for. If you're putting a lower than 10 inch bar on a Raider frame you're just playing yourself. 

Oldest part? 


How are you with bike maintenance? 

Really only need to mess with it before a flight or after a flat tire. 

How often do you build a new bike? 

Every few weeks you know. Whenever I need to update the vlog with a quick bike check or if I've been on my ass for a bit and just want something in the mail to feel good about myself. 

How do you carry Fudge (David's dog)? I’m guessing he can’t keep up with those lil' legs…

Typically carry him in my hands. On occasion in a backpack. He's just a lil' guy.

Why Chicago bars?

The angle it gives. It's not really about the space.

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