Setups: One Day In LA With Dakota Roche

A Perfect Day For A Bike Check

2 Mar 2016

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 9

Hand vs concrete. Dak lost.

Words and photos by Andrew White

Dakota’s been at home most of the winter recuperating from a non-stop travel schedule and focusing on filming for the Van’s video. It’s pretty common for him to head out with with Calvin Kosovich, as both are stacking clips for the same video and both can film each other on Calvin’s pro equipment. Such was the case in early February when I joined the two.

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 4

Dak mentally prepping and pleading with the ledge to cooperate in vain.

As is goes with street riding, a lot of days come up ‘empty handed’ in terms of a riding clip. Though that is a gross oversimplification of a day spent amongst friends while exploring and pedaling. On this particular day, after an uber-healthy lunch from down the street in Huntington Beach, the three of us set out in Dak’s new pickup truck to battle the weekday spot woes. 

After visiting a couple of no-go spots due to security or parked cars, we ended up on the Manhattan Beach boardwalk where there’s a bust-free down ledge. Dak had a move in mind which I won’t spoil in case he goes back, but ended up melting his hand on the concrete. He slammed so hard on the ground that his skin was literally ground down to almost the bone. Ouch. Fortunately Dak took it in his stride, cleaned it off with his first aid kit (how many of you travel around with a stocked kit?), and called it a day.

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 1

Always bike work to be done first stop of the day.

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 2

Calvin helping grease the ledge.

All in all it was just another day for the two. I’ve always said that getting a good clip is an above average day, and a wash out day is more in line with what’s the norm. But of course that’s why you get up and do it again, which is I’m sure what Dak is probably doing right now. - AW

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 14

Peroxide and water bath.

"I’ve always said that getting a good clip is an above average day" - Andrew White

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 5

Landing path cleared.

Dak's Setup

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 27

Frame: Cult DAK 20.75

Forks: Cult Sect V3

Bars: Cult Trey bars

Grips: Cult DAK

Stem: Cult Salvation V2

Headset: Cult

Seat/post: Cult DAK tripod

Cranks: Cult OS

Bottom Bracket: Cult

Chain: Cult 510

Pedals: Cult DAK

Sprocket: Cult DAK sample (5 months strong)

Front wheel: Cinema VX / AR 777

Back wheel: Cinema FX / AR 777

Tires: Cult / Vans

Kicks: Vans Sk8 mid pros

First Aid Kit Contents: Hydrogen Peroxide, band aids, wraps, rubber gloves, antibiotic ointment, gauze, tape, etc...

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 25
Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 26

"It's a blessing to work so closely with talented people." - Dakota Roche

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How often does the first aid kit come in handy and when did you start packing one?

It actually comes in handy quite a bit, if not for me, for the homies too haha. I got that kit from The Bakery contest a few years ago and it's still going strong, definitely stoked I have it.

When it comes time to designing signature parts how involved are you?   

I'm very much involved these days. Working with Neal, Javee and Robbie over at Cult is awesome, we bounce ideas off each other till we get it right, the way it should be. It's a blessing to work so closely with talented people. 

Favorite part?

Being so close to the Cult Clubhouse so I can just pop in and work on stuff with the boys whenever. 


I cut my bars a little and steer tube, that's about it.

You have had numerous signature parts over the years, what would you say is your favorite? 

My frame for sure. The newest version feels amazing, best geo yet and I love the red oxide color I've been running. I've had the same frame for 5 months, just as solid as the day it was built.

Dakota  Dig  Bmx  Aw 24

Tell me about your all-time favorite bike?

Honestly, probably my current setup. Can't say there's much to improve on! 

What do you like riding these days?

Been filming my ass off for the Vans vid lately, so I'm hitting a bunch of the new spots I've found over the last year or so. I like keeping it fresh as well as revisiting the classics. Ditches have been fun lately too.

How's filming for the Vans DVD coming along?

It's going really good, got a few tricks this past weekend I've been sweating for over a year. Best feeling in the world!

Go-to pair of Vans to wear these days?

Sk8 Hi's, Crocketts and Style 112s

Plans for 2016?

Finish the Vans video, a few other Vans projects, some Cult projects and something I can't speak of just yet. Definitely gonna be a busy year and that's the way I like it.

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Dakota is supported by Official DIG Partners: Cult Crew / Vans / Cinema / Dans Comp

The Street Series X BMX Day 2015 - San Francisco Gallery

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