Setups: Renato Rancso

"It's all in the booty."

8 Dec 2020

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Photos by Fred Murray

You've probably seen his insane capabilities while in a backwards manual, now it's time to see the machine that lets him do it. New Wethepeople UK shredder Renato Rancso and his Wethepeople Doomsayer... Just remember, "it's all in the booty".

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Home Town: Baja, Hungary

Living in: Edinburgh, Scotland

Age: 25

Height: 6 feet

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Frame: Wethepeople Doomsayer 20.75

Fork: Wethepeople Battleship

Bars: Eclat Dive

Grips: Eclat Shotgun Grips

Bar ends: Eclat

Stem: Wethepeople Gooseneck

Seat: Wethepeople Team Fat Pivotal Seat

Seat Post: Wethepeople Pivotal Seatpost

Cranks: Wethepeople Legacy 170mm

Sprocket: Federal Solid BBS 25t

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Chain: Wethepeople Demand

Rims: Wethepeople Logic

Front hub: Wethepeople Helix

Freecoaster: Wethepeople Helix V2

Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle

Tires: Wethepeople Feelin

Kicks: Vans, Nike

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What do you miss about home?

I consider Edinburgh as my home for a few years now, but from Hungary I do miss my family and friends every now and then.

How long have you been riding pegs? Will you ever go pegless again?

Think they went on the bike around five years ago but I would say three years i’ve started to use them properly. Don’t think I will ever take them off again, they’re just too much fun!

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What is the secret to backwards manuals?

It’s all in the booty haha.

Describe your perfect day.

Getting up early as possible, and having a banging breakfast and a coffee. Quick clean and maintenance on the bike, then hit the streets with the bois all day long. Can’t finish a perfect day without a few beers of course, then head home, a well deserved shower and some quality time with the missus then it’s done.

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Best time of the day to ride and why?

The earlier the better! Feel like I’ve got more energy and enthusiasm going in to a session when the day is still young, especially during summer time!

Favorite three parts?

Well I guess the freecoaster is an obvious one. Pegs got to be up there as well and I’ve always loved a puffy seat!

What’s your top 3 go-to videos to watch before a session?

Jordan Godwin - Doomsayer

Simone Barraco - What could go wrong

Garrett Reynolds Bio

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