Setups: Stephan Atencio

And his Wethepeople Battleship

28 Oct 2020


Photos by Patrick Tilk

The Costa Rican fireball Stephan Atencio has been turning heads ever since he moved over to Barcelona, and he continued that theme with the release of his recent and wild Wethepeople welcome video. Now we've got a look at his latest setup before it no doubt gets trucked off another enormous drop.

Sponsors: WeThePeople / 360 Bikeshop

Living: Barcelona

Age: 24

Height: 1.72 cm


Frame: Wethepeople Battleship 20.75"

Fork: Eclat Storm 20mm Jordan Godwin signature

Bars: Wethepeople Pathfinder 9” 25.4MM OS clamping

Grips: Eclat filter

Bar ends: Wethepeople

Stem: Wethepeople HYDRA 30MM

Seat: Wethepeople Team seat fat brown

Seat Post: Wethepeople pivotal seatpost

Cranks: Wethepeople LEGACY CRANK Team Series 2pc 1.65mm

Sprocket: Pathfinder 25T

Pedals: Eclat AK

Chain: Wethepeople Demand

Rims: Eclat Bondi

Front hub: Wethepeople Supreme

Freecoaster: Wethepeople Helix

Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle Nylon 4.5" Dillon Lloyd Signature

Tires: Stickin' 20.4

Kicks: I like to use Vans when I ride.


Any bike modifications?

I usually cut my bars just a bit because it feels more comfortable for me.

How are you liking life in Spain?

At first it was hard for me to get to a new place without knowing anyone, but BMX is an international brotherhood and people are always open to help you. Now everything is much better.

Favorite meal to cook?

Fried fish, salad and fried potatoes.


Best time of the day to ride and why?

In the afternoon - I'm a little slow in the morning.

What are three things on your bike you can’t live without?

1- Strong Rims

2- Small and good geometry frame

3-Clean and tight

What’s your top 3 go-to videos to watch before a session?


Kink Champagne Nathan’s part

Wethepeople Godwin Doomsayer


Music you’re into right now?

Rock, Hip Hop and sometimes trap

How long do you usually have a bike for?

I can have a bike for at least a year without any issues but I like to do gaps a lot so I tend to be hard on the rims.

How’s the COVID situation been for you?

All the bars or discos I used to go to are now closed, I hate wearing a mask and the police are bothering more than usual.

Plans for the rest of 2020?

I’m working on a new Wethepeople part with my brother @patrick_tilk and maybe go to Costa Rica for the holidays.