Snapshots: The Legends League Texas

Presented by Scotty Cranmer & Referee'd by Mat Hoffman

5 May 2021

Legneds League Ziz9381

Words & Photos by Jonathan Zizzo


"Morgan Wade and Cory Bergler had a modern day showdown which started from a bunch of Instagram banter. The internet took note and the hype became real. These two passed jokes back and forth with one another roasting each other like two gladiators about to enter a boxing ring. The internet comment section was amusing on both sides of their handles the last three weeks.

Morgan Wade resides in Rural East Texas and took Cory Bergler of New Jersey up on his offer on a Game of Bike in the great state of Texas… only the letters they spelled out were T-Whip instead.

Why did Cory Bergler think he stood a chance against Morgan Wade? Morgan might say “he doesn’t know..“ but to be honest both of these guys put up a good fight and the large crowd deep in the piney woods of East Texas was grateful that the rain held off for the free public show at the newly built Dodson Action Sports Complex in Longview, Texas.

Side note* Matty Cranmer says he wants to challenge Ryan Nyquist in a “Legends league” game of bike next. Lets spread the word, and hope Nyquist replies…" - Jonathan Zizzo