Vans 'The Circle' Final Results

Find out who got a share of that €20,000

14 Nov 2020

All Team2 Low Stress Circle

In conjunction with VANS

It's been a wild few weeks and the results of the inaugural Vans 'The Circle' video contest are in! Our judges, consisting of Peter Adam, Dakota Roche, Jon Taylor and Alex Valentino, had the unenviable challenge of trying to pick winners from the ten incredible videos - one overall 'The Circle' winner, Creative Vision, MVP, Best Trick and your DIG Community Favourite. Scroll down to see which shops came through with the top spots!

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Vans 'The Circle' Finals 2020

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1st Place: €10,000 - Stress BIKE SHOP – Moscow, Russia

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Stress Bike Shop - Vans 'The Circle'

Moscow, Russia - More Info

2nd Place: €5000 - 360BS – Barcelona, Spain

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360BS - Vans 'The Circle'

Barcelona, Spain - More Info

3rd Place: €2,500 - Bros Store – Lyon, France

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Bros Bike Store - Vans 'The Circle'

Lyon, France - More Info

4th Place: BMX Avenue – Montpellier, France

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BMX Avenue - Vans 'The Circle'

Montpellier, France - More Info

5th Place: Soulcycle – Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Soulcycle - Vans 'The Circle'

Amsterdam, Netherlands - More Info

6th Place: Source BMX – Hastings, UK

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Source BMX - Vans 'The Circle'

Hastings, UK - More Info

7th place: People’s Store – Cologne, Germany

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People's Store - Vans' The Circle'

Cologne, Germany - More Info

8th Place: Kunstform BMX – Stuttgart, Germany

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Kunstform - Vans 'The Circle'

Stuttgart, Germany - More Info

9th Place: Alans BMX – Wigan, UK

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Alans BMX - Vans 'The Circle'

Wigan, UK - More Info

10th Place: IL Butta BMX – Pavia, Italy

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Il Butta BMX - Vans 'The Circle'

Pavia, Italy - More Info

DIG Community Favourite Award - 360 BS - €1000

Vans The Circle Group 360 Bs 9030019

360BS – Barcelona, Spain - 1st place, DIG Community Favourite Award

Vans The Circle Group Stress With Logo

Stress Bike Shop – Moscow, Russia - 2nd place, DIG Community Favourite Award

Vans The Circle Group Source Dsc07303

Source BMX – Hastings, UK - 3rd place, DIG Community Favourite Award

Creative Vision - BROS STORE - €500

Bros Creative

MVP - Julian Molina - €500

Best Trick - ARTHUR DUBFRUNFAUT - €500