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1 Dec 2016

Freak Out: Devon Smillie in Vancouver

"...I really say a lot of shit I don't mean"

etnies fly eclat

Words and Photos by Andrew White

For as long as I’ve been photographing Devon (first Smillie images published by DIG in Spring 2011), he’s always had a carefree idyllic demeanor. Raised on motocross and BMX, he was afforded an early exodus to SoCal, and secured a pro paycheck and status at a young age. He’s an all around nice kid from the suburbs of Atlanta.

But you all know that.

In the age where still photographs struggle to capture the technicalities of modern street riding, I often find myself posted up shooting the rider in between goes at a line. In these moments, you can see the struggle and effort that goes into filming at a high caliber - in this case for etnies chapters.I caught moments of Devon being… not so mellow. Which caught me off guard. I get it, this BMX tech shit is really hard and frustrating. But the juxtaposition of bike throwing Devon to laughing Devon was really interesting.

This hatched the idea to get his take on certain issues with yes/no, hot/cold, good/bad, love/hate responses. Take a look at what Devon has to say.


This music makes me

Hyped: rap/ hip hop

Drowsy: reggae

Doing this in the morning gets me

On the right track: nice cold shower

Wanna crawl back in bed: once I'm actually out of bed, I'm up. It’s just hard for me to get out, that’s my problem haha

The trick

That I end sessions with (grand finale): if I've ridden for a few hours then learn a new trick, I usually call it

That I end sessions with (game over): flat tires

When trying a trick for hours
Is ultimately rewarding: if I can keep my cool
Is humiliating: so embarrassing when I freak out, I really say a lot of shit I don't mean

The bike setup that
Makes my bike feel good: loose chain, loose cranks, low psi
Wanna toss it and build another: if my coaster doesn't kickflip


Amps me to ride: Jon Devrind

C’mon that’s wack!: CLONES

If I’m doing this in 10 years I’d be...
Satisfied: if i can still hold a manual
Regretful: if i give up

BMX fads
On board: I’m trendy, I like anything new
LOL: fake steez

Contest that I...
Look forward to: xgames
Dread: simple session

Video part of mine that...
Super proud of: etnies part in the works ;)
Probably shouldn’t have put that out: not ashamed of anything

When a filmer says this I’m...
Relieved: perfect!
Terrified: can you do it again?

Aspect of riding bringing...
Tears of Joy: pickup bars and kickflips, anything fun
Tears of Agony: progressing

Food that...
Makes me feel better: Greens! Salads, veggies and fruits
Makes me feel worse: pancakes
Makes me feel worse but really don’t care cause it’s so good: any kind of cheeesy pasta

Part of the world that...
Provides sanctuary: somewhere by a beach near skateparks and street spots
Gives anxiety: secluded in the woods, but it has its moments

The last time...

Last time I laughed: we almost just died from traffic stopping due to a car sized tumbleweed haha

Last time I cried: even if I knew I probably wouldn't tell you

Perfect day: sun’s out, not too hot but it's perfect, no one has work, we got money in the bank, I’m healthy
Nightmare day: any kind of car problem

Things outside BMX that...
I’m addicted to: driving, playing forza, skateboarding, hanging out with my girlll
Couldn’t care less: any kind of organized sport, for example, football, baseball, golf, tennis, anything along those lines. My mom raised me an adrenaline junkie.

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