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Worldwide for 24 hours

18 Jul 2015

street series insta screen 2

By Joey Spinoza

Today we've got DIG photo and video guys at all of the #streetseries events worldwide, with Fred Murray, Kerr Bisland and Peter Adam in Glasgow, Devin Feil and Veesh in SF, Rob Dolecki, David Leep, and Grant C in Chicago, Andrew White and Ben McPherson and Will Stroud with Vince Perraud in Nagoya.

We'll be closely following Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Dan Lacey, Benny L, Ed Zunda and of course everyone and everything else that goes down. We'll have some unique photo and video content to follow but for the next 24hrs be sure to follow us here and catch what's going down worldwide in support of #BMXDAY


TSS15 SanFrancisco 1500 land v4
TSS15 1500 Rd2-Chicago land v4
TSS15 1500 Rd2-Glasgow land v4
TSS15 1500 Rd2-Riga land v4
TSS15 1500 Rd-5-Nagoya PORT v4