ABOVE BELOW - LA Photo Gallery

Killing the classics in La-La Land...

17 Dec 2014

Words and photos by Fred Murray

The City Of Angels or La-La Land... it's a strange place. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that it has had a huge impact on BMX's formation and history. We decided on LA as one of the destinations for Above Below filming due to the fact that Lacey and Benny L wanted to go to some of its classic spots. Sometimes meeting your heroes can be a let-down but when we showed up to some of the spots that i'd seen in videos throughout my childhood and teens, it all seemed to make sense. With the number of inhabitants tipping over 10 million though, Los Angeles can be a fucking drag... some days sitting in a van for hours, going nowhere fast, but I guess you take the good and the bad with every city. Either way, while they were in Cali Ben and Dan got a bunch of heavy clips in the bag for Above Below sections - here's some photos from their time there. 

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