The Aaron Ross Podcast


30 Oct 2016

Aaron Working Podcast Screen

Interview by Shad Johnson Intro photo by Andrew White


The Aaron Ross Podcast


Welcome to our latest DIG x Snakebite podcast and this time round it's Arron Ross, someone who has undoubtedly made a mark in BMX and as we remarked in our recent DIG 99.5 print interview, is someone who by standard BMX Pro terms is somewhat of an unusual case. 

"He exploded into BMX some fifteen years ago and took over through his self sustaining fission energy. With radiant bikes that mirrored his personality, and the extrovertness of one thousand trails riders combined, Aaron hit his stride in the rare period where Props, magazines, AND web videos and social media held competitive ground. He became street riding’s closest thing to a celebrity; an enigma in an otherwise closed off micro universe. To say that Aaron "likes to talk" is indeed an understatement." - DIG 99.5

Well it turns out he can keep talking an talking and pretty much every bit of what he has to say it is well worth listening to. Enjoy and our apologies for the random sonic boom noise throughout the conversation. Your guess is as good as ours. Here's what Shad Johnson had to say about their conversation in Austin, Texas earlier this year.

"We  went about this podcast with Aaron a little differently than usual. We had so many people write in and ask questions that we decided to start with those and see where the conversation lead us after that. We go over his early years riding and his ongoing love for the BMX race track, how he got on FBM and what it was like to make the move to Sunday, his thoughts on filming video parts and why he those loves florescent bikes so much." - Shad Johnson

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Aaron Ross Smile Empire By Shad Johnson

Podcast day, Empire BMX, Spring 2016. Photo by Shad Johnson.

Aaron Ross Long Game Insta

DIG 99.5 print interview intro spread. Photo by Andrew White.

Aaron Pro

2013 Sunday signature complete.

Aaron Ross Fbm Frame

2007 FBM signature frame

Aaron Ross Asleep User

A rare moment of calm. Odyssey Electronical filming trip Belin. Circa 2007. Photo by Ricky Adam.

Odyssey Electronical Ad Aaron

DIG x Odyssey Electronical Nora Cup victory print ad. Circa 2008.

Dig99 5 Aw Aaron Ross 12

DIG 99.5 print interview / etnies Chapters shoot 2016. Photo by Andrew White.

Dig99 5 Aw Aaron Ross 6

DIG 99.5 print interview / etnies Chapters shoot 2016. Photo by Andrew White.