The Josh White Podcast


30 Mar 2020

Josh White Screen

Interview by Shad Johsnon

"I was beyond excited to sit down with 80's Vert legend, the one and only Josh White. Josh was the first big freestyle rider to make it from my area of the country (the Pacific North West) so you know I was full of questions for him! We talk about Josh's quick rise in BMX, his touring days with GT, what made him step away from BMX and most importantly what has gotten him back on his bike riding again!" - Shad Johnson


The Josh White Podcast


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Josh White By Windy

Classic Josh White circa 1987. Photo: Windy Osborn / Wizard Pubs

Josh 1

Josh White - Portland 2020. Photo: Shad Johnson

Josh White Spread

How Josh burst onto the scene via the pages of Fresstylin' Magazine, August 1986.

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