'Against The Grain' - Snapshots


12 Jan 2018

Photos by Jonny Ashworth, Olly Geary & Alexey Rayzman

You've watched the video, now see the story from some singular images, courtesy of Jonny Ashworth, Olly Geary & Alexey Rayzman. 

"The dream spots and guaranteed Middle-East sunshine lure many pros to Israel year after year. As a result, many of the best video parts include riding here. What remains quite under-the-radar though, is the local scene.

Last year we set out to catch a fairly routine trip with BSD's Sar Levi and a few others including visiting Canadian rider Justin Hughes (WTP).. After working year-round, he and his friends book time off work to travel from their hometown - Tel Aviv - to Be'er Sheva, Arad, Eilat and Mitzpe Ramon.

In a country with mixed views in the press and a unique history, one thing we found stood out is that BMXers are BMXers wherever they're from. We were warmly welcomed and these guys just want to ride their bikes." - Jonny / Olly