A quality collection of 42 antipodean images

8 Jan 2018

Photos by LC / Intro By Cooper Brownlee

The mysteriously named LC, spent a good chunk of his riding life in Brisbane documenting The Drain Kids, a raw street riding crew who put out countless DVD's over the years and were at the forefront of the Australian street riding scene. LC moved back to Sydney a couple years back and has kept the fire burning documenting anyone and everyone that he crosses paths with on a bike. 

Something I really appreciate and respect about him is that he takes the time to setup his flashes on basically every riding shot he takes, I know from experience you can easily slip into the habit of just shooting natural light even when you know a particular shot would look better with a flash or two.

Recently he hooked us up with a stack of unseen work, primarily based around the city of Sydney...

"Photography’s the best and for me shooting BMX is my favourite form of the game.I don’t know any other type of photography where you have to drag a mobile studio around and worry about how long you’ve got till you the boot or if you’re gonna have to get the “talent” a lift to the hospital. But thats what makes it that much more rewarding when the shot works out. For everyone thats shot with me be it on film or video over the years thankyou its been the best and hope to see you soon." PEACE - LC 

@el____ci - Personal work.

@sleepersbmx - Riding shots.