DeMarcus Paul - Caption This!

Looking back on moments in California, Arizona, Oregon, and Mexico

23 Dec 2017

Photos and Intro by Devin Feil / Captions by DeMarcus Paul

I first had the chance to shoot with DeMarcus Paul shortly after the release of Volume's 'The Finer Things' as he began working on an All Day X DIG video filmed entirely south of the border. Deemo was an incredibly easy rider to work with; patient with the photographic process, appreciative of the results, and overall a pleasure to travel with. For the following year or so there we managed to link up for a number of sessions and trips, in California, Oregon and Arizona, as DeMarcus worked on Volume One, a Vital exclusive, and his signature Warhorse promo. Much of what we shot in that time went towards Volume posters/ads, one image appeared in DIG 99.5, but some managed to slip through the cracks only to see the light of day now. As with our past Caption This galleries, Deemo himself is given a chance to look back on these moments in his own words.

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