Plastic Trophy Fantastic

16 May 2019

Photos by Fooman | 4DOWN

Caped heroes from all over the UK made for Bristol, UK last Saturday to see who could fly the furthest, do the most stunts and keep Fathead from losing the plot. Enjoy all the best from the day.

"The Doomed jam was all about fun, DIY ramps, some beers, a bit of jumping as far as you can with a cape on to win some cash and Fathead on the mic. It took place on May 11th in Bristol, UK in the carpark behind Crucial BMX. Kai Schulte was the DAS CAPEMAN contest king, he flew the furthest. He won a gold plastic trophy as well. Big thanks to 4Down and Crucial for the support." - DOOMED

Watch the video HERE

Doomed Jam Bristol

16 May 2019

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