Snapshots - BMX Day 2016 Liverpool


25 Jul 2016

Words and photos by Paul Robinson

I got a last minute call to jump on a train and shoot some snaps at BMX day in Liverpool. I’ve been to a lot of street jams in the U.K in my days, dating back to the time of Attila, NSF and DFTU and I know that however old I get these things will always produce some wild shit no matter where or who's involved. Liverpool was going to be no exception, when you have 300 kids riding steps, banks and rails then it’s going to be a mix of craziness and hilarious. 

Ben Lewis played host and navigated every kid though the city, weaving in and out of traffic, confusing tourists and pub men having an afternoon pint and a ploughman’s lunch. The weather must have been paid for by Monster I swear because it usually always rains in Liverpool so I don't know what the deal was there. Watch any of the clips or videos on DIG's social media channels to see what went down...