Steady Rollin' in the Deep End

Documenting a Tioga X FBM Pool Mission

11 May 2017

Words by Steve Crandall

There is a lot to be said about the simplicity and total rush of riding pools. Sometimes unassuming, often under the radar of normal civilians, an empty swimming spot in someone's backyard can prove to be a totally unpredictable adventure.  No two pools are the same, ever... and even the mellow ones can be really challenging, and downright dangerous. As for the gnarly ones... be ready, or get out of the deep end. The sketch factor, the shared good times, the uncertainty of some weird transition in the backyard of some abandoned home, is all part of the allure. 

I heard the phrase 'the architecture of rebellion' one time referring to the repurposing and unintended use of society's constructs to create our own playgrounds, and an empty pool totally illustrates that notion. A family afternoon spent swimming and enjoying summer fun, is a ghost's echo in the past as you now see some grown men ankle deep in sludge cleaning out that same hole in the ground with sump pumps, 5 gallon buckets and old push brooms. The last thing this dream homes back yard was ever meant to be, was a session spot for some kooks on kids bikes ripping around the kinked plaster and cement waves. 

The thrill of the hunt, sewing the seeds of some otherwise unrewarding day labor for a bump off some pool coping, a carve over a light, and hopefully a fun afternoon poolside before having to hop a fence, and make a quick getaway.... that's the juice. - Steve Crandall

Watch the video HERE.

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