2016 Van Doren Invitational - Qualifying Highlights

It's bowl comp not a park comp

30 Jul 2016

Video by RideBMX

The contest seemed more like a bowl jam with the homies, such a good video, awesome fun music choice (which I'm sure a lot of people will complain about cause it's different), and the riding was amazing! Corey Walsh's turndown transfer from the big bowl!! Clint Reynolds was flowing and casually tricking everything like he was back at Eastside trails, stoked to see the finals!

Also happy to see that the judging is showing it's a bowl comp not a park comp, where speed/flow/style/course use is judged higher than tricks and flips are.

Qualifying Results below:

1. Clint Reynolds
2. Dylan Lewis
3. Corey Walsh
4. Matt Cordova
5. Kris Fox
6. Pat Casey
7. Corey Bohan
8. Kevin Peraza
9. Greg Illingworth
10. Dan Foley
11. Matty Cranmer
12. Tyler Fernengel
13. Alex Hiam
14. Jason Watts
15. Tom Dugan