ALYK - Scotty Wemmer 'Fed Up With The Bullshit' DVD Section

Keeping it simple in the best way possible

11 Apr 2018

Edited by: Damian Racut / Assistent Editor: Jesse Braun / Filmed by: Brandon Galosi, Damian Racut, and Torey Kish / Super 8mm: Damian Racut

Scotty Wemmer keeps it simple in the best way possible. His 'Fed Up With The Bullshit' DVD part is chock full of rad wallrides and wild looking setups. Check back every Wednesday for the next few weeks as we drop each section, followed up by bit of previously unseen bonus material once we've finished it out.

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“Fed Up with The Bullshit – Act Like You Know Crew’s 4th full-length video. Three solid years of dedication from the usual cast, plus a few new soldiers we’ve handed the torch down to. No sponsors, no travel budgets, no ‘practicing’ – just straight riding from the bottomless pits of East Coast and Midwest cities." -