Andrew Phillips - Eyecontact

Ppls Champ comes out swinging. Gaps, tech rails, and some high speeds

16 Dec 2020

Filmed and Edited by Ian Fleming

An eye for spots the Ppls Champ comes out swinging, making sure you make eyecontact with that screen. Gaps, tech rails, and some high speeds. Beers, buds, and SD footy.

"This video was filmed between early 2017 to late 2018, Andrew had just recently made the move from New Brunswick to Halifax and had a crazy eye for spots. Andrew is a powerhouse of a street rider and I hope this section demonstrates that. So many stories, beers and laughs behind so many of these clips. Enjoy.

If you want to make more Eyecontact, as in see the full video. Direct Message @iflemin on Instagram to purchase the full video link, it is a pay what you can for the link and all proceeds go to charity. If you want to also donate to your favourite charity send him a screenshot of the donation, he will also send you the link to the full video." -Ian Fleming