Business BMX II DVD - Adam Berry Section

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8 Nov 2017

Filmed and Edited by Ian Fleming

With this tightly edited part Adam, flicks tricks and finds some rad set ups, that ice to hard way 180 fast plant was sick.

"Adam had filmed for this part pretty consistently over the 4-5 years it took us to put it out, and even though he probably had 10 minutes of good footage he humbly wanted something short and sweet and it turned out perfect this way. He's also an awesome MC for jams, a great all around guy and wears out back tires twice as fast as front tires which is pretty wicked." -Ian Fleming

"Business II is a scene video out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that has been 5 years in the making. The entirety of this video was filmed on the east coast of Canada, featuring a long line up some of the most talented street riders in the Maritimes, with tons of different styles. We hope you enjoy it."-Business

If you're stoked on the DVD hit up businessbmx.bigcartel to get your copy!

Business 2 Trailer

29 Aug 2015