Business BMX II DVD - Alexis Leger Section

From little grom of 15 to shredding the big rails and lobsters

18 Oct 2017

Filmed and Edited by Ian Fleming

A bit of a slower build up in this section but as the section goes on everything gets bigger and crazier then that MF Doom hits and you know its on, rails with hop gaps, getting some barspins in the mix and riding lobsters, this section has it it.

"I met Alexis at a jam in Halifax in 2013, he was 15 or 16 and absolutely destroying it, he came down with Corey from Moncton. We went out after the jam and he ended up filming his first clips for the DVD (which were all crazy) and the rest is history. Alexis is now a proud father of two and still throwing bangers whenever we link up. This kid has such an insane personality on and off his bike, I really think his section compliments that." -Ian Fleming

"Business II is a scene video out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that has been 5 years in the making. The entirety of this video was filmed on the east coast of Canada, featuring a long line up some of the most talented street riders in the Maritimes, with tons of different styles. We hope you enjoy it."-Business

If you're stoked on the DVD hit up businessbmx.bigcartel to get your copy!

Business 2 Trailer

29 Aug 2015


22 Jun 2016