Behind The Scenes on 'Ride' The Movie

Forget Braveheart...

9 Nov 2016

Newscast footage By ESX Productions

Genuinely excited for our good friend, Haro BMX brand manager and native of DIG's adopted home country, John Buultjens. There's a movie being made based around his troubled upbringing here in Scotland and this local news report from Petlaluma CA gives you a feel for what's in store with a look behind the scenes during production. Good to see lots of other familiar BMX faces in front of and behind the cameras in this one too. Our recent DIG X SNAKEBITE podcast with John gives an even more personal account of his story and you can check that out right here. 


24 Apr 2015

Haro Rico 2015

13 Jan 2016

Haro in Malaysia

25 Nov 2014