Chocolate Truck 2 FULL DVD

Eight years in the making

18 May 2023

Edited by Matt Miller.

Over eight years in the making, and the long-awaited results are stellar. Matt Miller and the Chocolate Truck squad released Chocolate Truck 2 last summer, and it’s stacked with a plethora of full sections from Philly, NYC, the East Coast, Arizona, California and Spain. Over eight years in the making, the crew went from starting to film for the project as college kids, to getting 11th hour clips as full-on grown-ups.

Full parts from Kevin Vannauker, Steve Tassone, Nick Barrett, Breyon Woods, Mike Swift, Brendon Reith, Ryan Niranonta, Joe Niranonta, Matt Miller, John Yoh, Job Suender. It’s a certified classic.

Full-length DVD filmed throughout 2014-2022, featuring over 100 riders, and 75 minutes long.

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